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rsz_milesbio Miles Northcott
is the founder of this podcast as well as the hard-working editor. He is a man of many talents (& voices!) having been a professional singer, the founder of The Devon SeaSide Devils a Doctor Who group based in Exeter in the early 1990s, & also editor of & chief contributor to “The Russell Buer Show” fanzine from 1989 to 2006. He has also contributed to the book “YOU & WHO ELSE”, & has been a guest presenter on various different podcasts, including Progtor Who & Podcasters Royale. You’ll hear Miles as the 1st, 4th & 11th Doctors & Captain Jack Harkness, as well as (as with all our cast) various supporting characters, including the Cybermen, the Daleks, the Sycorax, Kristas, Kara, Shardovan, Monarch, Hindle, Beyus, Chip, Sir Robert, the Werewolf, Mr. Finch, Charles Dickens, Madame da Pompadour, Eddie Connolly & more besides.

rsz_1katbio Katrina Griffiths is a Canadian shpadoinkle geek who found Doctor Who in a very backwards way, through Queer as Folk (US) inspired by the UK version by Russell T. Davies which then lead to Torchwood. Thanks to a fantastic improv community in her home city she started taking improv classes & started learning how good improv with great people can get someone out of their shell. She hopes this podcast can do the same for other people. She’s also a co-host on Verity! Podcast (an all female Doctor Who podcast), has her own music podcast called Start the Music, & is a voracious fan fiction writer. Katrina is not a contrarian no matter how many times other people say she is. You’ll hear Katrina as the 10th Doctor, Susan, Vicki, Adric & Mel, plus Panna the Wise Woman, Krans & several others.

dereklcook Derek L. Cook is a relative newcomer to the Whoniverse (he started with the ninth Doctor) who is coming to appreciate the earliest episodes & hopes to soon get caught up with the rest of the cast. He is an actor, currently working on “THE DEADERSONS” (which is a “throw-back” show to the American 50’s & 60’s style of sitcom, like a cross between The Munsters & Leave It To Beaver), & an improviser, having received training at The Second City in Chicago & has cut his chops on the small stage at The Comedy Shrine in Aurora, IL. He has a fondness for creating characters & working with different accents & dialects to bring depth to them. Derek is an avid reader of everything from non-fiction to biographies/auto-biographies (usually about actors he grew up watching as a child) to classical literature, comic books & everything in between. You’ll hear Derek as a the 5th Doctor & Sergeant Benton, as well as Za, Antodus, Arbitan, Yartek, Tlotoxl, Commander Noah, Field Major Styre, Urak,Tommy Connolly plus many more.

randy-bio Randy Cook has been a Doctor Who fan since 1981 when, after being nudged by a classmate to check out the show, he was hooked immediately by watching a late-night PBS showing of “The Horns of Nimon”. His day job is being an IT Specialist (avoiding Windows as much as possible) & he serves as an organist for two local churches, having a long history as accompanist for various choral groups & amateur musical theatre productions. Randy discovered an escape from shyness in the form of pretending to be someone else through acting. Smaller community theatre roles led to indie films & YouTube videos, most recently a recurring role as Frank Stein in the current series “THE DEADERSONS”. “Doctor Who’s Line, is it? … Anyway!” provides a wonderful way to combine his love of Doctor Who with a new challenge — improv comedy! You’ll hear Randy as the 7th Doctor, Harry Sullivan, Mickey & Rory, as well as Old Mother, Ganatus, Altos, Autloc, Bigon, Sanders, Magpie & many, many more.

suebio Sue Cook first fell in love with Doctor Who in the 80s on PBS. Sue has been acting/singing in various theatres since she was 10, with a hiatus from 1992-2010 due to illness. At the age of 50 she was cast in her first film, & in 2011 earned her entrance to the Screen Actors Guild. Sue is currently involved with “The DEADERSONS” where she plays Harriett Hatchett, the town Busybody. She is very excited to be in the regular cast of “Dr. Who’s Line, is it…Anyway” where she is able to act alongside her heroes (on screen, not the rest of the cast!!!), & have a blast doing it. You’ll hear Sue as Barbara Wright, Nyssa, Rose Tyler, the young Amy Pond & the 12th Doctor, plus Ixta, John Lumic/Putitin, Faroon, Hilda Winters, Vira, Vural, Aris & several others.

tony Tony Eccles is by day a museum ethnographer & by night a dabbler in popular culture. An entity with a Scouse accent whose founding years were influenced by early tales of Doctor Who; Tony grew up with crisps, Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker, & quickly became fascinated by ghost & horror tales, & this led to him discovering HP Lovecraft in his teen years. One of the “Cygnus Alpha” team in Devon, Tony has contributed to the following charity anthologies: “The 12 Doctors of Christmas”, “Terrors of the Theatre Diabolique” & “the Secret Invasion.” Tony is a lover of Spanish omelettes. You’ll hear Tony as the 9th Doctor, Ian Chesterton & the Brigadier, as well as Kal, Mr. Crane, the K1 Robot, the Grand Marshal & many more.

kerrybio Kerry Schofield is a British 30-something (or late twenties as she prefers) working, studying single mum of two, originally from London but now residing in a beautiful rural seaside town. A latecomer to technology, Kerry is just beginning her blogging adventure & until now, was a complete podcast virgin. Kerry blagged herself into the mayhem of DWLIIA with very few credentials other than a serious love of the good Doctor. Kerry discovered Doctor Who at the start of Christopher Eccleston’s reign, & has wholeheartedly taken on the Whovian geek way of life- evidenced by four Who-themed tattoos, 3 cardboard cut-out Doctors that live in her downstairs loo, & a Dalek costume she adorns at every available opportunity. Kerry is still waiting for the TARDIS to turn up at her door, but while she does she is very excited to be a part of this new adventure. You’ll hear Kerry as the 13th Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith (70s/80s), Jackie Tyler & Amy Pond, as well as Gwyneth, Sarn, Persuasion, Todd, the Wire & various others.

Bow-tie day 2014

Miss Pinky  Geek, fan & lover of most things sci fi, fantasy & the art of the ridiculous, & has been a fan of Doctor Who since the 80’s, a fanishness that has grown & grown since the return of our fabulous inspiration. Pinky has dipped in & out of a variety of different styles of performance, the first time literally being as a baby on the West End stage (!) growing up watching the professionals from the wings, thanks to the privilege of having parents who worked backstage. New to podcasting & improv, Pinky is enjoying the experience of new challenges & is very much looking forward to being good enough to be the Doctor! You’ll be able to hear Pinky as Martha Jones, as well as Ruther, Enlightenment, Karuna, Professor Kettlewell, Roth plus many more to come!


Drew Meyer is a Librarian & Science Educator who moonlights as a Podcaster & Game Designer. He grew up reading Doctor Who comics, but didn’t see an episode until the 1996 television movie…things have moved apace since then! Drew has appeared on numerous podcasts (most of them about Doctor Who) & in numerous improv troupes over the years, & is one half of the Who & Company podcast. Drew can be heard portraying K-9 & The Master. He may or may not have a beard…




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