Episode #018 – The Case of My Anus 1 – A Seal Called Jeff


Whilst the tenth Doctor was off having his wild & wonderful adventures, the first Doctor managed to have a lengthy adventure of his own & then went & deleted it before we got to listen! So we pick up again with him, Ian, Barbara & Susan as they set off on a noble quest, a quest to find some cream which will alleviate a rather embarrassing problem the Doctor has, a quest which will see them meeting superheros, crotchety old geezers, amorous snails, excessively forward vegetation, old prospectors, characters from old British comedies, men in extremely silly hats, men who have difficulty stringing coherent sentences together, a woman whom the Doctor will be destined to meet many, many years later, & men in ludicrously short shorts! Oh, & possibly a chemist or two….if they can ever find a way into Boots, that is!

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Episode #013 – The Urge of the Suction 1

urge-1 Bang! What has happened in the TARDIS? There’s a lot of talk of curtains & deck chairs & loungers, & goodness knows what’ll be next up on the TV! Susan’s crafting gets taken to extremes, the Doctor points a lot, Ian sings & Barbara calls Susan names! And on top of all that we have a special guest announcer!!!

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