Episode #045 – Grilled Chicken in the Fireplace


This episode is very special! The Dr takes Rose & Mickey to an art deco spaceship but meets a squeaky girl & six giant puppets with massive tools! Fear not though, it’s not all dread & doom, there’s a bakery, a manager’s ball AND a horse & the Doctor sings too! Just how ace is that?!! Don’t miss the song at the end & try to spot 2 very special guests too!

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Queue up your DVD player or media file & we’ll tell you when to press play on Series 2 episode 4 “The Girl in the Fireplace” so you can watch the story along with us, but don’t worry if you don’t have access to the episode though, you can easily listen to the podcast on its own without losing too much of the experience (although it’s always a bit better with the video showing you what’s happening!)


2 thoughts on “Episode #045 – Grilled Chicken in the Fireplace

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    • & we’re also thrilled to have Kat as a cast member! We were thrilled to have Lynne as a guest star in ep 5 & we’re looking forward to being thrilled to having Deb, Tansy, Liz & Erika getting involved at some point too!!! 😉


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