Episode #026 – The Arse Cheeks 3 – The Pride of Scarface


Bands, roadies, pizza, gargle – these are all the buzzwords we’ve been longing to hear. Loretta adopts a tough chick image, even if her wardrobe is more feathers than leather and cone bras. Ian vouches for lotion & corduroy. (The word gargle is used twelve times in this episode, Kat counted!) The Doctor finds someone as questionable as he is, it must be love! Susan learns a festival song.

As an aside, real acid-folk bands do exist.

Thanks to Kai Owen for opening the show!

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Queue up your DVD player! Or media file! We’ll tell you when to press play on Part 3 of the Azteks “The Bride of Sacrifice” so you can watch the story along with us. You can also listen to the podcast on its own for a different, if slightly more (or less!) confusing, experience.


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