Episode #023 – The Case of My Anus 6


The story is coming to a close. Six weeks searching for butt lube and something that may be horny goat or butt weed, we aren’t exactly sure. It’s an episode of searching: Barbara is searching for a silver statue (to melt into a silver bracelet, natch), some are searching for keys to drinks cabinets and no one is searching for Susan when she is in a box. Listen in as storylines are tied up and at least one character mentions the appeal of being tied up on the TARDIS.

If you haven’t been doing so all along, make sure to listen past the credits to hear what the improvisors say after “cut” is called. (Hint: Lots of giggling)

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Queue up your DVD player! Or media file! We’ll tell you when to press play on Part 6 of the Keys of Marinus “The Keys of Marinus”so you can watch the story along with us. You can also listen to the podcast on its own for a different, if slightly more (or less!) confusing, experience.


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