The Case of My Anus 5 – Episode #022 – Ten Cents of Jeff


The Doctor is back… did anyone else notice he was missing? While the First Doctor was off having a holiday our TARDIS team were searching for important things like epoxy, butt cream and horny goat weed. This week features exciting escapades like Susan looking for zippers, a stop off at Superdrug, questionable behavior from Gallifreyans that should know better, and plenty of innuendo.

As always, feel free to make up your own character that no one will hear but you and participate! I suggest a really tall cyclops named Max that only speaks in 9 word sentences.

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Queue up your DVD player! Or media file! We’ll tell you when to press play so you can watch the story along with us. You can also listen to the podcast on its own for a different, if slightly more (or less!) confusing, experience.


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