Episode #012 – The Garlics 7 – The Bus Queue

g71As our exciting tale concludes, we learn why toilets don’t have sloping floors, what the Doctor can do with a pencil up his arse, what Snazzles are, whether Alydon will finally get his interview, what the Thals give as mementos & what the Garlics’ video gaming habits include! We do NOT learn the purpose of a fascinater or (sadly) the rules of Garlic Bingo!

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Want to watch with us? Queue up your DVD player or media file and we’ll tell you when to press play so you’ll be in sync for the best way to experience the episode. You can also listen to the podcast on its own for a slightly different experience. If you enjoy what we do then please leave a comment or a review on iTunes, here on the blog, or send us a comment on Twitter or Facebook. We also welcome any & all ideas for future plot lines you would like us to play out, character personality traits & quirks you would like us to attempt, dialogue you would like us to say, or music & sound effects you would like us to include, & if you would like to join the cast just tell us here, on Twitter or on our Facebook page. Come & join the fun!!!


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