Episode #002 – An Earthy Child 2 – The Craving of Numbskulls


Last week we left our vodka and crisp loving teachers with the rather unusual Doctor and his DIY loving “grand daughter” and as the screen turned chartreuse dark a shadow loomed really ominously over the TARDIS.

Our merry band of improvisers continue the story of An Earthy Child (An Unearthly Child) with episode 2, the Craving of the Numbskulls. This week: It’s a party! Or at least the beginnings of one. We’ll have bacon, a magician and beefy, beefy brains! Time to party like it’s 10,000 BC!

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Queue up your DVD player and we’ll tell you when to press play on Part 2 of An Unearthly Child “The Cave of Skulls” so you can watch the story along with us. You can also listen to the podcast on its own for a different, if slightly confusing, experience.


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